Is Como In Fort Worth Getting Closer To Realizing Its Destiny?

Fort Worth’s Como neighborhood was originally envisioned as a resort community, but a cheap selloff changed the face of this neighborhood. Could it be on the upswing again? Recent news of dozens of excellent lots coming on the market is making people take a second look at this once-forgotten neighborhood. While some are concerned that gentrification will force out the current mainly poor, African American residents of Como, everyone agrees something must be done. And most agree that with Fort W … [Read more...]

Is Fort Worth’s River District On Your Radar?

If the River District isn’t on your radar, you’re not alone. This loosely planned development along an often-forgotten section of White Settlement Road is coming together nicely, however – and it includes residential, restaurants and more. Maybe it’s worth a few minutes of your time to take a drive on White Settlement Road between Highway 183 and University Drive and see how things are changing for the better. Blighted properties are being converted. Never-developed properties are being develop … [Read more...]

3 Often-Overlooked Ways To Enjoy Fort Worth On Hot Summer Days

It’s a hot summer, but what else is new? Fort Worth is usually hot in the summer, and those of us who’ve lived here for decades have developed some coping mechanisms. In some cases, it’s simply staying inside near the air conditioning. After all, that powerful HVAC system is part of what you paid for when you bought your Fort Worth home. But when you want to get out and around without actually spending much time outside, what can you do? Here are 3 often-overlooked ways to get the most from livi … [Read more...]

Fort Worth Remains A Tight Real Estate Market, But There’s Hope

The latest numbers from the Greater Fort Worth Association of Realtors prove what you already know if you’re trying to buy a home in Fort Worth: the market is tight. But there’s hope for finding a home in the area, especially if you look outside the central part of the city and have experienced, professional help. As we settle into what’s expected to be the hottest part of a very hot summer, you may be inclined to sit back and relax – and put your home search on hold until nicer weather. But it’ … [Read more...]

What Does Fort Worth Have That Indianapolis Doesn’t?

You may have heard the news already: All the growth we’ve been experiencing here in Fort Worth has moved us up a notch, according to the latest census data. Fort Worth now has the title as the nation’s 15th largest city, a title previously held by Indianapolis. Whether you’ve been looking for an existing home in the central part of the city or simply trying to get through the aisles at the grocery store, you must have noticed that this area is growing at an amazing rate. The local economy is boo … [Read more...]