What Does Fort Worth Have That Indianapolis Doesn’t?

You may have heard the news already: All the growth we’ve been experiencing here in Fort Worth has moved us up a notch, according to the latest census data. Fort Worth now has the title as the nation’s 15th largest city, a title previously held by Indianapolis. Whether you’ve been looking for an existing home in the central part of the city or simply trying to get through the aisles at the grocery store, you must have noticed that this area is growing at an amazing rate. The local economy is boo … [Read more...]

Why Las Vegas Trail Revitalization Is Important To Fort Worth, Texas Homeowners

It’s hard to talk about negative things related to my home city, Fort Worth. But the current state of Las Vegas Trail south of I-30 involves many negative issues and situations. Since these relate to apartments, hotels and convenience stores, however, what do they have to do with you or me? Fort Worth homeowners and home buyers buy into a city and its quality of life. When any neighborhood is neglected or any citizen can’t realize their potential because of negative circumstances, that impacts u … [Read more...]

The Star-Telegram Means More To Fort Worth Than Most Know

Long before I came to Fort Worth four decades ago, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram was already reporting the news from the western half of the Metroplex. Founded by one of Fort Worth’s most famous citizens, this enterprise is more than a newspaper. And it’s just as relevant today as it ever was – even in our changing society. How The Star-Telegram Began The Star-Telegram was founded by Amon G. Carter, arguably the most famous and most ardent supporter of Fort Worth. Here’s how the story goes: … [Read more...]

Dickies Arena Takes Shape, And It Will Expand Your Options Next Year

Whether you’ve lived in Fort Worth for decades or are considering moving here for a new job or when you retire, you need something to do during your downtime. With live music venues everywhere plus so many small theatres, the majestic Bass Hall and more, you might think Fort Worth has more than enough entertainment venues. But what about big events – and sports? There’s no large, modern arena to attract large-scale concerts and major sporting events. Dickies Arena at the Will Rogers Memorial Ce … [Read more...]

Are Como And Sunset Heights The Next Up-And-Coming Fort Worth Neighborhoods?

Como and Sunset Heights have a bad reputation. There’s no way around that. These West Fort Worth neighborhood are seen by many as high-crime areas and no-go zones. But things are changing in these forgotten neighborhoods. Could Como and Sunset Heights be the next neighborhoods to benefit from an influx of new residents and investment – just as the Near Southside has recently? There are signs of progress in these neighborhoods that so many in Fort Worth seem to avoid. Positive Signs For Como … [Read more...]