Dickies Arena Takes Shape, And It Will Expand Your Options Next Year

Whether you’ve lived in Fort Worth for decades or are considering moving here for a new job or when you retire, you need something to do during your downtime. With live music venues everywhere plus so many small theatres, the majestic Bass Hall and more, you might think Fort Worth has more than enough entertainment venues. But what about big events – and sports? There’s no large, modern arena to attract large-scale concerts and major sporting events. Dickies Arena at the Will Rogers Memorial Ce … [Read more...]

Are Como And Sunset Heights The Next Up-And-Coming Fort Worth Neighborhoods?

Como and Sunset Heights have a bad reputation. There’s no way around that. These West Fort Worth neighborhood are seen by many as high-crime areas and no-go zones. But things are changing in these forgotten neighborhoods. Could Como and Sunset Heights be the next neighborhoods to benefit from an influx of new residents and investment – just as the Near Southside has recently? There are signs of progress in these neighborhoods that so many in Fort Worth seem to avoid. Positive Signs For Como … [Read more...]

In Fort Worth Real Estate, 2018 Promises To Be A Happy New Year

Happy new year from Buyer’s Choice Exclusive Buyer Agency! Here in Fort Worth, that isn’t just a hollow sentiment. Everything I’m seeing points to a very happy new year in Fort Worth real estate – and that means it’s a great year for all of us. Whether you’re planning to move to the area, have been here for years or just keep up with Fort Worth from afar, you’re surely seeing the same excellent signs of prosperity and growth in Fort Worth that I’m seeing. Tarrant County Building Boom Will Conti … [Read more...]

SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium Is Breathing New Life Into Ridgmar Mall

If you’re looking for a unique new place to take the family while they’re in town for the holidays, consider a visit to Ridgmar Mall. Like all indoor shopping centers, Ridgmar is struggling in the age of strip malls and online shopping. But SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium is offering the mall’s visitors something fresh that the whole family can explore. For months, a temporary white wall covered six old storefronts in the declining mall. In late October, the wall came down to reveal an entrance fo … [Read more...]

I’m More Thankful For Fort Worth Than Ever Before

More than ever before, I think, I’m thankful to be part of the Fort Worth community. While some cities around the nation are struggling with violence and are being forced to tackle important social issues from the past that were never really resolved, Fort Worth is united, flourishing and thriving – just like it usually is. I’ve called Fort Worth home for more than four decades, and I’m thankful for the opportunity to help so many others find a place to call home in Fort Worth and the surroun … [Read more...]