Convenience And Beauty Make Waxahachie, Texas A Great Place To Call Home

With so many Metroplex cities unable to accommodate very many new residents at the moment because there are so few homes on the market, potential homeowners who are planning to move to North Texas are being forced to look a bit farther out than they might like. But looking to Waxahachie rewards you with exceptional beauty and greater convenience than you might imagine.

Plus, this small town has a lot of things going for it that might not immediately come to mind. Could Waxahachie be a great place to call home for you?

Getting To Know Waxahachie

Like so many towns in North Texas, the railroad played a role in the development of Waxahachie. While the town now boasts more than 32,000 citizens, it started humbly in 1850 on donated land. It was incorporated in 1871, but growth didn’t begin until the state legislature approved the Waxahachie Tap Railroad to Garrett a few years later.

History can still be felt and seen every day in Waxahachie. Perhaps the most prominent feature of the city is the Richardsonian Romanesque courthouse, which some people consider the most beautiful in the state. And there are many other structures worth seeing – one of which could become your home if the circumstances are right. The town is overflowing with Victorian-style and Gingerbread homes, some of which now operate as bed and breakfast inns.

There’s a bit of an art and culture scene in town, and nearby Scarborough Renaissance Festival – previously called Scarborough Faire – has been bringing a diverse and interesting array of vendors and visitors to the city every April and May since 1981.

Waxahachie Is A Great Town With A Funny Name

If you know nothing else about the Waxahachie, you may have been aware of its brief claim to fame in the late 1980s and early 1990s. In 1988, the Superconducting Super Collider particle accelerator was sited in Waxahachie and shafts were dug underground, but the project wasn’t favored and Congress canceled it in 1993.

Despite that setback, this isn’t a town caught up in failures of the past. Just take a stroll or drive around town this summer and notice the beauty and vibrancy for yourself. And since it’s the Crape Myrtle Capital of Texas, expect to see plenty of pink as you do. Just remember that the first syllable of the town name is pronounced like Chinese cooking pots (woks) and not like paraffin (wax) if you want to endear yourself with the long-timers.

When you also consider the excellent location of the city along I-35 and US 287 and close to both Dallas and Fort Worth, you start to understand why people are now calling it home more often than ever before. With great beauty, excellent convenience and a supply of home available, it just makes sense.

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