Fort Worth Home Buyers, Why Not Look Toward Parker County?

It’s harder to find great homes in Fort Worth than ever before, and many of my clients are instead choosing suburban homes or places to live in the rural areas in Tarrant County and beyond. If you’re looking for a home in Fort Worth and can’t find a home size, property size or location that makes sense for you, why not consider Parker County? It’s the next county to the west, and there’s a lot happening just a little way away.

As you drive westward on I-30, you’ll notice the new Walsh Ranch Road bridge that will provide access to the massive Walsh Ranch development. But you won’t see many other signs of progress there. You’ll have to keep moving to see some development.

In Aledo: Development is everywhere. And the town’s infrastructure is struggling to keep up. Bridge improvements will soon make it easier to navigate near I-20. The town is also improving sidewalks and other amenities. In the last year or so, there have been new shops and restaurant opening and more commercial space is also opening. Plans are underway for more park space too, and events featuring live music and vendors are scheduled.

In Willow Park: The second largest city in Parker County is already benefiting from the assisted living center, retirement communities and emergency room in Crown Point just west of Ranch House Road along I-20. Retail is coming soon in that area. Housing is starting to develop in the former racetrack area nearby. The Village at Willow Park is east of the city and expected to have retail, commercial spaces and townhomes. Road expansions are among several priorities for the city.

The Annettas: Accessible from the Mikus Road exit, the Annettas are all growing too. Annetta now has a town hall, a staff and a strategic plan. Water and waterwater improvements are a priority, and more annexation is underway. Annetta North and Annetta South aren’t quite to that point yet. A new elementary school is in the works because of all the growth in and near the Annettas.

And our discussion of Parker County hasn’t even reached Hudson Oaks, Weatherford or Springtown yet. We’ll save those for another time.

When you’re looking for a large North Texas home on plenty of land and with services and amenities nearby, you need to consider Parker County. Each of its towns and the areas around them are growing dramatically – and the rolling hills have a unique beauty that attracts many people to the county.

Increasingly, living in Fort Worth actually means living near it. And there are many great locations to the west where you have great Fort Worth access and benefit from small-town life and all its advantages too.

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