Ridglea Hills Is Far From Ordinary And Shares Its History With Much Of West Fort Worth

The Ridglea Hills neighborhood in Fort Worth has come a long way since it was a cow pasture. Today, it’s an eclectic and underappreciated part of town that offers easy access to everything in West Fort Worth.

It’s just one of many well-established neighborhoods that give Fort Worth its charming feel. Whether you can find a home of your own there or not, getting to know Ridglea Hills helps you get to know Fort Worth a little better.

More About Ridglea Hills

You’ll find the Ridglea Hills neighborhood south of Camp Bowie Boulevard and west of the Como neighborhood. Vickery and Southwest Boulevard form its other boundaries. Shopping along Camp Bowie is close at hand. The two golf courses of the Ridglea Country Club are adjacent, meaning there are some golf course homes in the neighborhood. Most homes are ranch style, and most have been significantly updated and remodeled in recent years.

Ridglea Hills is about 6 miles from downtown. Residential platting began in Ridglea Hills in 1946. Before that, much of the land was Angus cattle pastures owned by A.C. Luther, for whom the neighborhood’s Luther Lake on Clayton Road is named. The lake is a favorite place to drive by around Christmas time looking at decorations.

As Luther sold off portions of his pasture for residences, he had fences moved – and the cattle grazed the unsold lots. In 1952, Luther turned his attention to commercial buildings north of Camp Bowie Blvd. It was Also Luther and Hank Green who established Ridglea Country Club in 1954.

Luther’s brothers developed the Ridglea subdivision, known for its luxurious home originally built for oilfield tycoons. Ridglea Hills is more modest, more homey and more diverse in character and topograghy. And the winding streets make many homes very secluded.

It’s All Part Of Fort Worth’s Past And Present

Understanding a little about Ridglea Hills helps you form a clearer picture of Fort Worth. The history of this neighborhood is closely connected with the history of nearby Ridglea, Arlington Heights and other older Fort Worth neighborhoods with well-established looks and feels.

It’s interesting how little information you’ll find about Ridglea Hills online. Maybe some people consider the neighborhood ordinary or not worthy of note. But like it’s historically significant neighbors, Ridglea Hills has a story to tell. Why not take a look at it for yourself?

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