Sid Richardson Museum Is A Peaceful Art Oasis In Busy Sundance Square

Did you know there’s an art museum in Sundance Square? Sure, there’s an art gallery or two and many high-end stores where you can buy pieces for your own home, but there’s a legitimate art museum located in the heart of the city that features an amazing array of Western art.

The Sid Richardson Museum is one of many gems hidden in plain sight in the city I’ve called home for all of my adult life. Why not take some time out of your busy schedule to see works by Remington, Russell and more?

Getting The Know The Sid Richardson Museum

The Sid Richardson Museum is dedicated to helping people from all around the world learn to appreciate and understand Western art — particularly art by Frederic Remington and Charles M. Russell, artists who also figure prominently in the collection of the Amon Carter Museum of American Art in the Cultural District.

The Sid Richardson, which has been open since 1982 and was renovated beginning in 2005, is named for a wealthy oilman and rancher whose name and presence have been a part of this area from the 1920s onwards. In 1947, Richardson created a foundation aimed at supporting non-profit groups. That foundation is behind the museum and still provides grants to other organizations as well.

While the Sid Richardson Museum has welcomed more than 40,000 visitors from every state and more than 53 other nations, many locals have never visited. It’s free to enter, but a gift shop at the front of the building mostly obscures the genuine original Western art contained in the galleries behind the shop. Thanks to a 2013 expansion of the museum space, it features two generously sized galleries — more than you would expect from the relatively unimpressive entrance and its urban location.

Even if you’re not a confirmed fan of Western art, visiting the Sid Richardson Museum is a fun way to expand a daytime or Friday evening visit to Sundance Square. Located on Main Street and visible from Sundance Square Plaza, the museum is a quick and fun experience. And the gift shop is worth a look too. Plus, the museum offers a limited number of films and lectures, but events fill very quickly.

Art Abounds In Fort Worth

Like so many things in Fort Worth, art isn’t confined to a single area or neighborhood. The Sid Richardson Museum is joined in downtown by the well-respected Milan Gallery and other places where original art is for sale. Plus, there are dozens of galleries spread out all over the city. Whenever you want to go out for a few hours and are without something to do, there’s probably a gallery exhibit or a museum collection around that you haven’t seen yet.

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