Springtown, Texas Retains Its Small-Town Feel And Is Close To Fort Worth

Like many of the rural towns around Fort Worth, Springtown is as much about what happens around it as what happens in it. Many people who call Springtown home actually live on small developments or on ranch land outside the city. Some commute daily to Fort Worth. Others make Parker County their base of operations and spend most of their time in the county.

If you think Springtown – located about 20 miles northwest of Fort Worth – is too far to commute, it may be time to reconsider. A couple decades ago when Highway 199 from Springtown to Azle was a two-lane road, traffic was bumper-to-bumper each morning and evening with commuters, many of them going to the air base. Today, the road is two or three lanes in each direction and the drive is smooth. Two stalled overpasses in Azle are scheduled for completion and will soon make the drive even easier.

Getting To Know Springtown

For much of its history, Springtown was a farming and ranching community. The area was first settled in 1856 by Joseph Ward of New Jersey, who put down roots along a creek fed by several springs. The town square was designed by Ward about 3 years later, and Littleton’s Springs was born. In the 1870s, most of the 200 residents chose to abandon the town’s name – which was in honor of a pioneer family – and call themselves Springtown instead. A post office was established in 1875.

In 1890, Springtown had a population of about 500. By 1940, there were 800 citizens. The 2010 census showed 2,658 people, the highest number of citizens ever. Today, the town isn’t booming like some some Fort Worth suburbs, but it shows steady growth.

When you choose to make Springtown your home, you can benefit from the city’s small library and large park, buy your groceries at the town’s Brookshire’s and enjoy a night out at the Chinese restaurant, one of the fast food places or Shinola’s, a well-regarded sit-down restaurant serving a wide menu of Texas foods. There are a few other restaurant choices too, including Woody Creek Barbecue.

You Have Options, Even Now

Even if you’ve decided that you want to live in Fort Worth, you may find that it’s just as good to live near it. Housing that’s right for you and your family may not be available in Fort Worth right now, but big homes on big lots are available in and around Springtown. There’s even a new housing development along Old Springtown Road south of Springtown that might interest you.

Working in Fort Worth and identifying with the city’s eclectic, casual vibe doesn’t means you have to live inside the city limits. Springtown living is country living, yet the town is less than half an hour away from the big city. Maybe Springtown is just what you’re looking for – and you didn’t even know it.

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