A Personal Note: My COVID-19 Story

Dear family, friends and neighbors –

Happy holidays from Buyer’s Choice Exclusive Buyer Agency. I’m grateful for your support of my business and me personally.

It was a month ago today (December 22), that I tested positive for COVID-19. Oh, what a journey on many levels.

The first week, I noticed a little fatigue and body ache. I thought to myself, oh well, I can handle that. After several days, my breathing got more difficult and my energy level dropped. That’s when I started monitoring the oxygen level in my blood, which I noticed was slowly dropping.

Within a few days, my body started to experience unusually strong, uncomfortable and persistent hiccups 8 to 10 seconds apart. I figured they would pass soon, as they always did in the past, and I would get back to normal. However, they lasted through the first day and night, so I had difficulty getting any sleep. I searched the net and found that hiccups while infected with COVID-19 are very rare, but some infected people had them for as long as 4 to 20 days. That was frightening and hardly believable news. There was no way my body, which experienced constantly growing exhaustion, could last that long.

Yet my hiccups did not stop and instead became stronger and more distressing. The worst part was that occasionally my windpipe would get constricting for several seconds, which caused major difficulty breathing.

My body became increasingly week and achy. Also, I noticed my oxygen level was dropping to an alarming level, and breathing became even more difficult. It took me 9 days of hiccupping to realize that my body would not be able to get better on its own. I decided to check into the ER at Medical City Fort Worth. After several examinations, inquiries and x-rays, it was determined that my body had developed pneumonia. Soon after, I was placed in a private room in the COVID-19 section of the hospital with no visitors allowed. They started treatment for COVID-19 and pneumonia as well as to raise my oxygen level and to eliminate the hiccups. By the end of the next day my hiccups ended, which was a huge release for my body, and I began to stabilize.

The care I have received was truly outstanding. Through the course of my 10-day hospital stay I was monitored by 4 doctors and cared for by about 20 nurses. Many of them were traveling healthcare workers, some from other countries. What I found amazing was how much human energy, care, time, knowledge and technology it took to sustain me and to get me healthy again. I felt very fortunate and grateful to receive such a level of care that is not available in some parts of the world.

Staying in bed while healing, I took time to reflect and contemplate on my life, my health and my state of mind and did some inner inquiring. I tried to incorporate all I had learned in the past, including yoga, meditation, visualization and some practices I learned from other spiritual systems. As I became more relaxed, peaceful and focused, I was able to access deeper levels of consciousness. I am convinced that it all helped me on my healing journey.

Within 5 days of admitting myself to the hospital, my body noticed it was feeling better, breathing easier and getting stronger. I knew the healing was happening and I was on the way to a successful recovery. The doctors told me I was doing fantastic — better than expected.

Last Friday, I came home with an oxygen tank, just in case. Sleeping with no more tubes, wires or machines was another great release for my body. Based on what I’ve learned about the virus, it will take weeks, perhaps months, for full recovery. It works differently for everybody.

My personal belief is that each experience, happening, incident or contact with others has a meaningful and important teaching for us, if we just pause, observe and listen.

There are some important lessons I have learned during this crisis. First, we are all in the same boat. There’s no place to run. Second, people are inherently good, loving, caring, compassionate and kind. We can clearly see that on the deeper levels of consciousness. Third, when we slow down our busy lives and dig deep, we can tap into a happy and peaceful state of wellbeing.

I have also learned to let the scientists and medical professionals do their work and to get my pride and ego out of the way and let my body heal. Our bodies are the most amazing, sophisticated and wise machines on the planet. When we can only get out of the way, we can experience healthier, happier and more peaceful lives.

I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to my family, neighbors and many friends for all the support, prayers and healing and positive energy that you continue to send my way. I offer special thanks for going above and beyond to Kathy, Howard, Jimmy, Lesley, Francie and Gaby.

Stay safe, stay healthy and stay home.




  1. So glad you are on the mend. Andy tried getting ahold of you a couple of different times but didn’t want to bug you too much. He knew you would be resting and recuperating. We sent you a card and letter, should be there in a few days.

  2. Marion: Thank you for sharing your COVID journey. We all think we won’t get it but it has a way of picking and choosing who it wants to take up residence in. Please heal well and be very safe and I hope and pray that you are not one of the many “long haulers”.

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