Always-Improving Fort Worth Earns Blue Zones Community Certification

For 5 years, Fort Worth community leaders have been working to offer us healthier choices so we can live better lives. Now, the city has earned the Blue Zones Community title in recognition of the significant efforts and important progress toward improving the health and well-being of those who live and work in Fort Worth.

This community-led and business-supported effort involves making permanent and semi-permanent changes to the city that are designed to help us live better and longer. Just 19 cities have earned this designation, and Fort Worth is the largest city to become a Blue Zones Community so far.

Getting To Know The Blue Zones Movement

The Blue Zones Project was created in 2010 and is based on author Dan Buettner’s 15 years of research into five cultures in the world where there are many people who live to age 100 or older. The idea is to make changes here that are modeled after the positive aspects of these 5 cultures. That includes changes to the city environment, its policies and its citizens.

So far, fewer than 50 communities in 10 states have joined the Blue Zones Project. Still, that means it’s making a positive impact on 3.4 million Americans. There are two Health Districts in California, 15 cities in Iowa and a handful of others spread around the nation that participate in the program.

The recent certification of Fort Worth as a Blue Zones Community is the result of 5 years of subtle and not-so-subtle changes in the city, including:

  • Participation of almost 90,000 people in the program by taking the Blue Zones Personal Pledge or participating in other project activities like walking groups or cooking demonstrations

  • Improvements in well-being in neighborhoods and sectors where there are health disparities

  • Banning of smoking in most public places, now including bars, bingo halls and parks

  • Well-being initiatives at more than 130 employers, including better cafeteria menus and vending machine offerings, walking or standing meetings, lactation policies and encouraging micro-breaks

  • Plus initiatives at schools, grocery stores, places of worship and much more.

Fort Worth Is Changing For The Better

In my decades of involvement with the Fort Worth community, a lot has changed – and almost all of it is for the better. Do you remember a few years ago when Texas cities were being listed for having so many unhealthy restaurants with large portions and bad food? Those places are still around too, of course, but healthy choices are available in just about every aspect of Fort Worth life.

If you want to learn more about how the Blue Zones Project is making Fort Worth better, there’s a free event on November 10. Read all the details here. Fort Worth’s Blue Zone Community certification is just one more reason this is a great place to live, work and play.

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