Are Como And Sunset Heights The Next Up-And-Coming Fort Worth Neighborhoods?

Como and Sunset Heights have a bad reputation. There’s no way around that. These West Fort Worth neighborhood are seen by many as high-crime areas and no-go zones. But things are changing in these forgotten neighborhoods. Could Como and Sunset Heights be the next neighborhoods to benefit from an influx of new residents and investment – just as the Near Southside has recently?

There are signs of progress in these neighborhoods that so many in Fort Worth seem to avoid.

Positive Signs For Como And Sunset Heights

The historically African American neighborhood called Como was named after Lake Como in Italy and got off to a strong start in 1889 when its own lake was built. There were plans to make it a resort-like area. But nothing much ever happened. By the 1960s, many considered Como and nearby Sunset Heights forgotten neighborhoods. The Westside was booming, but these areas were left behind.

In August 2017, the City of Fort Worth published the Como/Sunset Heights Neighborhood Empowerment Zone Strategic Plan in public review draft format. The report admits that there has been minimal investment in the area over the last several decades. And it lays out some ways that housing and commercial development could be brought to the area. There’s even evidence of progress happening already around the community as investors enter the area to remodel old apartment complexes. You can see single-family homes being remodeled too.

At the end of 2017, the city named the Sunset Heights Neighborhood Association as 2017 Neighborhood of the Year, thanks in large part to a new mural painted by the community to beautify a prominent retaining wall that’s visible as you enter it. Since Sunset Heights is set in rolling hills, the retaining wall has always been a necessary evil, but now it’s a focal point for growth and revitalization. See the improvement for yourself near the intersection of West Vickery Boulevard and Micki Lynn Avenue.

Driving through Como and Sunset Heights, you may not see many signs of progress. But there are some — and a lot of evidence that it’s coming. Stroll along the new walking trail that circle Lake Como and imagine what could be.

Too Soon To Mention It?

It may seem too soon to point out the revitalization of Como and Sunset Heights. But change is coming. Homes are already being scooped up by investors and those looking for an inexpensive home choice in West Fort Worth. And in-fill home on vacant lots are planned and even going up in some cases.

Sunset Heights has many existing homes, some with sunset views, as the name suggests. And Como has a lake of its own with a lot of history. Who will be part of the future of Sunset Heights and Como?

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