Especially In A Challenging Year, I’m Grateful For Fort Worth

I usually write this time of year about how thankful I am to be in Fort Worth and part of a vibrant, interesting and growing community. Even in a challenging year – in fact, particularly in a challenging year – I’m grateful for being here.

I feel privileged to have called Fort Worth my hometown for more than four decades. My life has been a success because of the welcome I found in Fort Worth. Despite the worldwide challenges, my life and business have gone on this year. And you – my friends and clients – are a big part of the reason that has been possible.

Looking Back At This Year’s Blog Posts

Here’s a look at five of the informational post on this blog from the last few months that you may have missed and might still enjoy reading:

  • Have You Forgotten About Arlington, Texas?
    For a city of about 400,000 people, Arlington is easy to overlook when seeking a home of your own in Tarrant County. We often think of this part of the Mid-Cities as an entertainment destination, not as a home.
  • Read Up On Fort Worth, Texas While You Have The Time
    If you’ve recently found yourself with more free time than usual, now’s an excellent time to read up on Fort Worth, Texas. Whether you call this city home or think you might like to, there’s probably a lot you don’t know.
  • Fort Worth Films And TV… Showing Off The City Then And Now
    You’re dipping into a different world every time you switch to a new movie or show. But have you paid much attention to the things filmed right here in Fort Worth? Cameras have rolled in Fort Worth and throughout Texas many times.
  • Growth Near Texas Motor Speedway Has Formed A New Fort Worth Destination
    When Texas Motor Speedway opened in February 1996, it sat nearly alone at the northwestern corner of the I-35W and Hwy. 114 intersection. But times have changed near TMS – and they keep changing. Today, there’s outlet shopping, a massive convenience store and much more.
  • New Grapevine Boutique Hotel Adds Appeal To An Already Popular City
    Whether you’re looking for a safe, modern and beautiful place to take your out-of-town holiday visitors or you’re planning a staycation this fall or winter and want plenty of things to do and see near your destination, Grapevine is a pleasing place to visit – and it has a great new place to stay too.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Fort Worth has always had strong leadership, excellent infrastructure and great people – and we’re benefiting from those things now more than ever. I hope you’re making the most of life wherever you are this Thanksgiving, and I wish you the best. Happy Thanksgiving from Buyer’s Choice Exclusive Buyer Agency.


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