For Now, Here’s A Great Way To Plan And Explore Virtually

There’s more reason for hope than ever this year – hope for a better-than-normal life and forward motion in all our lives. But right now, it’s still winter and we all need to play it safe for a while longer, so why not use any downtime you have in the next few months to explore Texas virtually?

Get to know the towns and cities of Texas that you might someday want to visit or call home using a website you may have never browsed before:

Like A Trip Back In Time

Visiting is like a trip back in time for two reason. First, the retro design of the site may remind you of a site you visited years ago. Second, it has some great historical photos and tidbits as well as pics from a few days, weeks or years ago. is a quirky and somewhat disorganized website that dates to 1998, but it’s updated several times every month. Its uniqueness is part of what makes it fun to visit. All you have to do to start exploring Texas is visit the front page and click a link. You can also select “Texas Towns” from the menu, then choose a region and a city. What about the search function? It doesn’t work very well.

If you visit the page about Decatur, as an example, you won’t find a comprehensive list of attractions and a complete history of the city. You’ll find photos from around town – taken in 2007 – as well as links to related stories and excepts. Every town’s page is different, so you never know what you’ll get. You may find first-hand accounts, old photos, postcards or blurbs about people or things.

You can also look up courthouses, churches, bridges and more using the menu at the bottom of the site. It’s frustratingly easy to spend a few hours exploring from your computer or phone. The site is relatively mobile-friendly, bit isn’t exactly optimized for mobile browsers.

Toward Getting Back To Normal’s content and the site itself are nice reminders that times change, but some things remain the same. I don’t know when life will get back to something like we all remember, but I do know that 2021 is a promising year. I hope 2021 is your best year ever.

I was derailed from my work for a few weeks because of my own experience with COVID-19, but I’m here for you now as I continue to recover. If I can be of service to you, please reach out. As a buyer’s agent, I’m here to serve your real estate purchasing needs and can promise you 100 percent loyalty, 100 percent of the time.


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