Fort Worth Historic Building Evolving From Macaroni To Ice Cream And Coffee

One of the things I like about Fort Worth is how well the old and new blend together. Many of the buildings I see every day have been here since before I came to the area more than four decades ago. Others are newly built, filling holes left by homes and businesses that didn’t stand the test of time.

One building many people who live in or travel through Fort Worth are sure to recognize is the O.B. Macaroni building, a 157-year-old structure just off I-35 at 108 South Freeway. But the macaroni company left the building in 2016 for a new one on Southeast Loop 820.

Move Over Macaroni

Now the building – which started as a stagecoach hotel around 1860 and was re-purposed by Fort Worth Macaroni Company in 1905 – is finding new life as a production space for some up-and-coming local businesses.

Set to open on November 18 with a grand opening party, the 42,000-square-foot building has been converted by the real estate developer M2G Ventures into a production space for leather company W Durable Goods, Craftwork Coffee Co. and TexMalt as well as a soon-to-open kitchen for MELTS Ice Cream.

After the party, the building will be used primarily for manufacturing rather than retail operations, although W Durable Goods is planning a showroom and an expanded vintage hat collection. Signage from the old company will remain, and much of its equipment will stay in place for decorative purposes, adding to the character of the building.

Developer M2Ventures is owned by twin sisters Worman and Susan Miller Gruppi and has designed several industrial-feel properties around Fort Worth, including The Foundry District on Carroll Street and The Crossing on Camp Bowie Boulevard.

Pushing The Envelope

Tenants for the macaroni building have been chosen, according to project leaders, because they are cutting-edge, envelope-pushing companies that do things differently. And there are plenty of those in Fort Worth. It’s part of my hometown’s casual, easy-going approach.

Whether you’re an old-timer or are so new to Fort Worth that you haven’t actually moved here yet, you’re sure to fit in. Just like a macaroni company that’s more than a hundred years old and a craft ice cream company that hasn’t celebrated its first decade in business yet, there’s a place for you here. And there’s a hat that will fit you in Fort Worth.

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