Fort Worth Is One Of The 5 Best Cities For Freelancers

Life can be difficult for freelancers and other self-employed business people, but it’s not as tough in Fort Worth as in some cities, according to a recent article on Livability, a website that explores what makes certain cities great places to live. In fact, Fort Worth is one of the 5 best cities for freelancers – in part because life is simply better here than in other Texas cities like Austin, Houston and even Dallas.

If you’re an independent contractor, now’s a great time to move to Fort Worth. Stay with me and I’ll explain more.

Freelancers Rejoice!

Truthfully, all of Texas is a great place to be self-employed because there’s no state income tax. Livability calls that fact a “huge advantage” for freelancers and points out that the high overall quality of life in Fort Worth is the reason for placing Cowtown on the list and not another Texas city.

But that’s not all. You’ll be in good company if you work for yourself in Fort Worth. Research from 2016 shows that Fort Worth has a big community of freelancers. At that time, 6.4 percent of workers identified as self-employed – and the number has surely grown since then. That means a greater percentage of people here are freelancers than in Dallas, where the number was 5.9 percent.

In some ways, Fort Worth is less expensive than Dallas. The cost of living is about the same, but housing generally costs a bit less in Fort Worth. And here’s a quirky fact included in the Livability article: Fort Worth is number 43 on a list of the 100 best cities for coffee in America – so you can always find the caffeine you need to fuel those long hours involved in being a self-employed worker.

Other places that made the top 5 list of freelance cities include Tulsa, Baltimore, Boise and Provo. On the down side, the entire state of California has become unfriendly to the self-employed as of January 1, 2020 – when legislation went into effect that was intended to help independent contractors become permanent employees. Instead, it has caused some California businesses to drop contractors altogether.

Good For Everything

I’m always biased in favor of Fort Worth, of course, but I can tell you that Fort Worth has been a great place for me to be an independent business person – and I believe it will be great for you. In fact, Fort Worth is a smart place for just about anyone to live, work and play.

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