Fort Worth’s Extensive Public Park System Expanding With Old Golf Course

Within 2 years, an area just southeast of downtown Fort Worth could have a new public park. It will be 66 acres and include 2 ponds along Sycamore Creek – and residents in the area know right where to look for it.

Fort Worth has nearly 300 parks and related public spaces – and we can always use another. In this case, Sycamore Creek Park will add 66 acres of free public space. That’s about the same size as Marine Creek Lake Park and about two-thirds the size of the Tandy Hills Nature Area.

The Conversion Of Sycamore Creek Golf Course

On June 11, the city council directed the city manager to come up with a plan for converting the unprofitable and underutilized Sycamore Creek Golf Course to a park. The city manager has until September 30 to do that, but there’s no rush.

A sewer project means that Sycamore Creek Golf Course would have had to close for up to 2 years anyway. But since the course gets less than half as many round bookings as it needs to be sustainable, there’s no reason for it to reopen after the sewer work is done. That brings about the opportunity to turn the area into a park that might be better used by local citizens.

The city bought the 9-hole course in 1977 but hasn’t made a profit there since 1993. Revenue deficits plus maintenance costs mean that citizens have paid out almost $4 million since 1994 to keep the course operating. Now, the sewage line replacements will tear up parts of 4 holes, which would have to be refurbished after the work is done. It will probably cost much less to make the space a park, depending on what citizens in the area want included in the park. For them, this is all recent news, so there’s no wishlist yet.

In any case, the sewage project will go ahead, so the space can’t be used for anything for about 2 years. Then Sycamore Creek Park will open there.

Parks Are The Pride Of Fort Worth

Fort Worth has a lot to be proud of, and the nearly 300 parks that reach every corner of the city are among them. Whether you’re looking for a place to exercise a pooch, practice your soccer skills or read during your lunch hour, there’s surely a Fort Worth park near you. You may pass several on a short commute from home to work.

It’s important to remember how much free public space we have in Fort Worth – which you can use whether you’re a citizen of this city or not. If you like what you see in Fort Worth, let me help you make it your home if it isn’t already. I work exclusively with home buyers, and you pay nothing extra on your home purchase when you turn to me.


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