Growth Near Texas Motor Speedway Has Formed A New Fort Worth Destination

When Texas Motor Speedway opened in February 1996, it sat nearly alone at the northwestern corner of the I-35W and Hwy. 114 intersection. Even grabbing lunch near that intersection offered few choices other than a convenience store fish restaurant. But times have changed near TMS – and they keep changing.

Today, there’s outlet shopping, a massive convenience store and plenty of dining, giving residents and soon-to-be residents of the Denton county developments along Hwy. 114 – and those farther west in Wise county – a destination to call their own.

Getting To Know The TMS Area

Even if you don’t have any interest in racing, there’s probably something that will grab your attention near the massive TMS site. Just south of the racetrack is the Fort Worth Buc-ee’s, which is known to locals and travelers alike for barbecue sandwiches, homemade potato chips, trail mix, jerky and much more. And south of that is Tanger Outlets, a modern mall with high-end stores and a unique open-air experience.

But the most recent changes at this intersection include the array of fast-casual dining choices that have sprung up in the last couple of years. They include Newk’s, Panda Express and Buffalo Wild Wings as well as Whataburger, Raising Cane’s and others.

Across the freeway, an old convenience store has been replaced with a large QuikTrip, and the once-lonely Rosa’s Cafe is joined by Texas Roadhouse, IHOP and more. Several hotels are on that side of the freeway too. While there are no upscale dining options yet, Roanoke and everything it has to offer is less than 5 miles east.

A drive west along Hwy. 114 reveals a range of new housing choices – with many more developments in various stages of completion. That means the growing new shopping and dining destination near TMS will soon have an even larger base of nearby residents to support it.

There’s A Place For You

Fort Worth is growing in every direction possible, and that means the once undeveloped land near Texas Motor Speedway was certain to eventually develop. And this appears to be its moment. Far-flung developments and once-isolated businesses now nestle between new establishments and neighbors who now call this area their home.

If you’re ready for a home of your own in Fort Worth or nearby, remember not to confine your search to Tarrant county. There are great places to live that are in or very near Fort Worth located in Denton county too. As a buyer’s agent, I can help you find the neighborhood that’s right for you – and help you get to know it.


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