Improving Sidewalks, Streetlights Make Fort Worth More Walkable And Livable

Two recent Star-Telegram stories point out the need for infrastructure improvements in Fort Worth – and the work that’s being done. With improvements to sidewalks and streetlights, many neighborhoods will become more walkable and more livable, making Fort Worth more citizen-friendly than ever before.

In new neighborhoods, sidewalks and streetlights are required by code and mostly in very good condition, but in existing areas – especially the oldest parts of town – some sidewalks are either nonexistent or badly damaged, and streetlights are either too few or poorly functioning. But changes are coming.

Improving Fort Worth Sidewalks

Take a drive down Vickery, for example, and you can see new sidewalks where there was once nothing at all. Como and other neglected neighborhoods are already benefiting from a renewed commitment to sidewalks. The city has also approved $750,000 for sidewalks as part of the 2020 budget, according to Star-Telegram reporting. About $12 million was already allocated for sidewalks in a 2018 bond package.

In all, Fort Worth has 2,500 miles of sidewalks – and more than 3,000 miles of gaps. Most of the missing sections are in majority-minority neighborhoods, according to a recent analysis. Filling all the gaps would cost about twice as much as had been allocated, but there’s big progress nonetheless.

Brightening Up The City

In Stop Six, for example, where redevelopment hasn’t yet reached, residents often walk from one place to another, but it’s unsafe to walk at night with no illumination. In areas where there are streetlights, many are out on a given night. City leaders have admitted the city is too dark and has allocated a modest amount of funding to fix the problem. Lighting also decreases property crimes, a win for everyone.

The 2020 budget includes about $5 million for lighting – plus what’s done along with road repairs, for bond projects and by developers. That will cover maintenance on over 10,000 lights and converting about 4,000 to efficient LED lights, according to the Star-Telegram story, but the city has 63,000 lights to take care of – and the number is always growing.

Consider Lights And Sidewalks When Buying

When selecting a home of your own in Fort Worth or a surrounding city, take sidewalks and lighting into consideration. Some older neighborhoods are lacking. And just because a neighborhood has these things, it doesn’t mean they’re well-positioned for you. Could you get from your home to the park, a store or on your evening walk without going through a dark area or a section with no sidewalks?

My job is to make sure you’ve thought of everything. As a buyer’s agent, I work exclusively with buyers and never with sellers, so I’m always looking out for you. Let me help you take everything into consideration as you buy your North Texas home.


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