Is Fort Worth’s River District On Your Radar?

If the River District isn’t on your radar, you’re not alone. This loosely planned development along an often-forgotten section of White Settlement Road is coming together nicely, however – and it includes residential, restaurants and more.

Maybe it’s worth a few minutes of your time to take a drive on White Settlement Road between Highway 183 and University Drive and see how things are changing for the better. Blighted properties are being converted. Never-developed properties are being developed. And some popular local restaurants are finding a home there too.

Getting To Know The River District

The River District has a bit more of a homegrown plan and feel than other recent mixed use developments in Fort Worth. A project of Fort Capital, the River District is already home to 700 residences, 10 retail and restaurant locations and 10 businesses – and more are in the works. But there’s no firm masterplan. The plan is flexible enough to allow local businesses to play a role in shaping the District.

Focusing on local brands and entrepreneurs, the River District is already home to the relocated Salsa Limon building that was on University near West 7th and will soon include a second location of popular local Heim Barbecue. Abundio’s Fit Society, a boutique fitness center, moved to the area recently – and Flowers on the Square was already there before the redevelopment began. Palletworks is making furniture and other useful things from old pallets in the area too.

When it’s all done, the District will have a more natural and organic feel than others, the developer says, and will feature gathering spaces, commercial, retail, entertainment and apartments as well as homes and townhomes. In all, there’s 2 miles of riverfront property on the Trinity River to develop – although the current focus is along White Settlement Road instead of the river.

You May Want To Keep It On Your Radar

Whether you’re looking for a place to live, a place to workout or a new restaurant to try, you might want to keep an eye on what’s happening in the River District, a new area of development you may not have even noticed between two booming areas.

Keeping an eye on local real estate trends and developments is my job, but having new choices for living, dining, shopping and entertainment is something anyone in Fort Worth can get excited about.

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