Millennials Are Moving In, And Fort Worth Is Benefiting More Than Dallas

Thousands of millennials are moving to North Texas – and Fort Worth is benefiting much more than Dallas, according to the most recent research. In all, 4 North Texas cities rank in the top 20 for net migration of millennials, according to financial info provider SmartAsset’s research published in the Dallas Business Journal.

But because Dallas lost more millennials than it gained, it didn’t even make the list.

Fort Worth Welcomes Millennials

Companies seeking young talent in marketing, finance, software development and more are driving the influx of millennials into many American cities. Fort Worth is getting the 11th most benefit of this migration while McKinney saw the 13th most benefit and Irving is coming in at slot number 18. Frisco ranked number 20. The data puts Austin, Houston and San Antonio in even better positions.

Millennials, according to some experts, are more inclined to move around than other generations, and the recent health crisis that’s shaking up lives could make that even more true.

Dallas topped the list for the greatest influx of millennials in data released last year, but Big D didn’t even make the list this year. While more than 12,000 millennials moved into Dallas, they lost nearly 2,000 more than they gained.

Smart Asset had previously considered millennials those between ages 20 and 34, but that generation is getting older just like the rest of us, so the definition now includes those between ages 25 and 39.

A side note: The Dallas Business Journal article points out that Dallas ranked in the top 10 at attracting millennials during the public health crisis, according to National Association of Realtors numbers. Austin and Houston also made that list.

Millennials Are A Large And Powerful Generation

Also called Generation Y, millennials are gaining steam as a generation of influence – the children of the massive baby boomer generation in most cases. When statistics show that this important group is moving into an area, it’s a very good sign. As baby boomers get older, the power is shifting into the hands of millennials.

Whether you’re in Gen Y, Gen X, a baby boomer or don’t exactly know what your generation is called, Fort Worth and all of North Texas is a welcoming place. Get to know how a buyer’s agent like me can stand beside you during every step of establishing your home in DFW. I’ll help make you feel welcome here.


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