Positive Progress: For Fort Worth, 2019 Was A Good Year In Many Ways

As 2019 comes to a close, I’m grateful for a good year. Those of us who call Fort Worth home have seen a lot of positive things happening in our city – many of which we have already talked about on this blog.

Yes, the city has made news in negative ways at times, but it’s important to remember when bad things happen that many good things are in progress in North Texas as well. Here are some good things happening now in Fort Worth, including some details that are updates to previous blog posts:

Las Vegas Trail revitalization is happening. Now called for the new non-profit LVT Rise, the effort to make life better along West Fort Worth’s Las Vegas Trail is in progress. Work to turn an old YMCA not far off the street into a community center is underway. It will include a library branch, a modern playground and office space for useful agencies that can help with revitalization and service to the community.

Walsh Ranch is booming. Have you driven through Walsh Ranch lately? New areas are being developed and the first phase is fuller than you might realize. The Cook Children’s facility across the freeway is open too. Walsh Ranch is worth a look if you’re looking for a home of your own in Fort Worth or the surrounding area.

Fort Worth Library is serving us better. With increased hours and a no-fines policy now in effect, the city library system is seeing a nearly 30 percent increase in usage and is open 114 more hours per week overall than this time last year. The increased hours undo cuts during the economic downturn a decade ago and the no-fines policy makes the system more friendly and less punitive.

Dickies Arena is a success. There was really no doubt that this public-private partnership would be great for the city, but the reports about this new performance venue are great. While a few residents nearby don’t like the traffic issues it has caused, fixes are already underway. And the acoustics are great in this intimate venue where even the top row of seats seems close to the action. The Stock Show Rodeo will debut in the arena in January.

Undeveloped land is being protected. Whether in the Mary’s Creek watershed of the Walsh Ranch development or near Broadcast Hill in East Fort Worth, community groups appear to be successfully pressuring the city to buy up and protect some patches of undeveloped land so our city doesn’t become just one neighborhood after another and continues to enjoy parks and natural spaces where we can unwind and exercise. Details aren’t available firm, but this looks promising.

And this hardly scratches the surface of positive progress being made in the area. I’m excited about Fort Worth and its future. Aren’t you?


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