SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium Is Breathing New Life Into Ridgmar Mall

If you’re looking for a unique new place to take the family while they’re in town for the holidays, consider a visit to Ridgmar Mall. Like all indoor shopping centers, Ridgmar is struggling in the age of strip malls and online shopping. But SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium is offering the mall’s visitors something fresh that the whole family can explore.

For months, a temporary white wall covered six old storefronts in the declining mall. In late October, the wall came down to reveal an entrance for SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium – and another white wall. From the mall’s wide hallways, all you can see is a gift shop. But there’s much more lurking beyond the payment desk.

Getting To Know SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium

The third location for the small chain of aquariums, SeaQuest in Fort Worth features more than 28,000 square feet of space and boasts thousands of species including many stingrays, small sharks and other marine life as well as exotic birds, cute caiman alligators and reptiles from around the globe.

When you go inside, you won’t see row after row of tanks as you might at other aquariums. Instead, you see larger exhibits with multiple species in large, open tanks. You also see birds, reptiles and insects as well as hand-painted murals and homey signage setting the scene.

Geared more toward children than adults, there’s one major difference between this place and most zoos or aquariums: touching is allowed and encouraged. Staff members are posted along the winding hallway to help you safely touch nearly anything. While you can see everything for a single admission charge, getting up close to some species comes at an extra cost.

The company has similar aquarium experiences in Layton Hills Mall in Layton, Utah and in The Boulevard Mall in Las Vegas. Both are struggling retail facilities like Ridgmar Mall that are looking for ways to reinvent their malls and counting on SeaQuest to help with that.

Adapting Is Part Of Life

As the many kinds of life inside these aquariums prove, adapting is key to surviving in our world. In Fort Worth, Ridgmar is a massive shopping mall that has been facing the necessity of changing or dying for years. The arrival of SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium may be an important step in securing the future of the mall. It won’t be enough by itself, but it could spur growth and change in other ways.

With new population centers like Walsh Ranch developing to the west, Ridgmar Mall is well-situated to be a hub for West-Siders once again. Time will tell if mall management can pull that off. And you can judge for yourself how much the new aquarium is contributing to a bright future for Ridgmar.

For decades, Ridgmar has a been a selling point of living on the West Side. And it could very well reinvent itself to move into the future. It’s right where you want a shopping and dining destination to be – near your West Side home.

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