Why Las Vegas Trail Revitalization Is Important To Fort Worth, Texas Homeowners

It’s hard to talk about negative things related to my home city, Fort Worth. But the current state of Las Vegas Trail south of I-30 involves many negative issues and situations. Since these relate to apartments, hotels and convenience stores, however, what do they have to do with you or me?

Fort Worth homeowners and home buyers buy into a city and its quality of life. When any neighborhood is neglected or any citizen can’t realize their potential because of negative circumstances, that impacts us all. Fortunately, there’s good news along Las Vegas Trail.

Understanding The LVT Situation

Public attention came to Las Vegas Trail when the Star-Telegram published a lengthy special report entitled “Life on Las Vegas Trail: Drugs, guns, abuse – and a sliver of hope. The article pointed to the area as a breeding ground for violence involving a bad mixture of situations and pointed out the high number of arrests in the area. Much of the article focused on problems at specific apartment complexes and hotels.

Remember, just behind these problem properties are single-family homes with residents that have suffered from neighborhood decline for years. Simply put, the area has been ignored and allowed to fall into disrepair.

Since the article and in part because of attention from a new city councilman and others in leadership positions, the city, public entities and private companies have all started stepping up to make changes along Las Vegas Trail. A mobile community center has rolled out to assist citizens, and a more permanent community center could be open in the YMCA just east of LVT as early as October.

Taking care of citizens – especially children – is an important step toward making the Las Vegas Trail area a livable part of the city rather than an embarrassment to those of us who care about Fort Worth and its citizens so much.

It’s A Better City For You

A lot is involved in cleaning up Las Vegas Trail and helping the area move forward. Problem hotels are still standing and accepting guests. Problem apartment complexes haven’t made noticeable progress yet. But a new QuikTrip convenience store replaces some blighted buildings at the southwest corner of LVT and I-30. Plus, the community center is seen by citizens as a vital step forward.

We can’t ignore Las Vegas Trail or its citizen, even if the area doesn’t seem much like the Fort Worth we love. The citizens who live along LVT are our Fort Worth neighbors too – and they can’t be ignored.

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