“Zombies” In DFW Real Estate, And 11 ZIP Codes That Aren’t Infested

Have you heard of zombie houses? It’s a real estate term – and not a very common one. They’re pre-foreclosure homes that are unoccupied. Usually, there are a few in every area. But the North Texas real estate market is so hot and the job situation is so good that in 11 local ZIP codes, there are no zombies at all.

It’s a good sign of a great economy, although it means there aren’t likely to be many foreclosure properties coming on the market in these areas anything soon.

The 11 ZIPs Without Zombies

A California research firm called Attom Data Solutions keeps track of the number of homes around the country that are vacant. They base their assumption of vacancy on USPS data indicating that no one picks up the mail at a particular property. They also add in information from publicly available reports of homes headed for foreclosure. They give the term “zombie” to any home or condo that appears to be in a pre-foreclosure state based on these details.

In the DFW area, there are 11 ZIP codes with absolutely no zombie homes. These include 76085 in rural Parker County, 76092 in Southlake and 75009 in Celina as well as 75019, 76266, 76058, 76009, 76060, 75182, 75166 and 75114. Houses that are still being checked on are not included.

Of the 153 metro areas studied, the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington area has the lowest zombie rate, just 1.44 percent in September. That’s less than half the national average.

So what do these numbers mean? Local employers are strong, so the job market is strong. There are also new employers coming into the Metroplex, securing the job market for the future. Housing is tied to the job market, so there’s more demand for housing and fewer vacant properties when the job situation is good. In fact, other statistics show that North Texas has added three-quarter million jobs since 2010, topping a Forbes 2017 list of best areas in which to find work.

You can read more about these numbers at DallasNews.com.

Real Estate Isn’t Just A Numbers Game

It’s easy to get bogged down in the numbers when you start reading and writing about real estate. In many ways, real estate can be thought of as a numbers game. But that’s not how I think of it. Even when a housing market is tight and few homes are available, there’s always a housing solution for the client in front of me. Sometimes, it just takes more effort and a longer time to find it.

This may sound like a Halloween post with all this talk about zombies, but it’s also the perfect post to appear after Thanksgiving. I’m thankful for both the strong North Texas economy and the skills I have to help people find the right home in Fort Worth and beyond. And most of all, I’m thankful for my past, present and future clients.

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