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Building A New Home


Build a HomeBuilding a new home can be one of the most exciting experiences of a lifetime. In a way, you could say that the process of building a home is like the process of birth. Of course, you can’t control the developmental facets of a baby – things like eye color, hair color and overall appearance, but you do have options when building your dream home. In fact, virtually all of the decisions are yours: everything from the type of roofing to the carpet color and the type of door knobs. Unique and imprinted with your style and taste, your new home can be a dream come true.

Determining Financing – Decide on the best and most affordable
way to finance your home with mortgage planning.

Selecting a Home Site – Investigate zoning, restrictions, soil conditions, site topography, view, sun, landscaping, noise and more.

Designing the Home - Consider environment, blending into the neighborhood, functional traffic flow, scale and proportion of spaces, color schemes and lighting, resale value.

Selecting Product - Research material specifications and applications.

Choosing the Builder – Interview builders, check references and credit history, financial stability, insurance and visit recently built homes.

Negotiating with the Builder – Getting the best price terms and conditions for you.

Creating Documentation – Protecting your rights with a proper contract, selecting an attorney, keeping a detailed diary and collecting releases of liens by subcontractors.

Building the Home – Selecting a qualified inspector and job supervisor, setting up changes of order procedures, identifying home bargains, reviewing products and tracking costs.

Scheduling Final Inspection– Coordinating with the city inspector, buyer’s inspector, builder, buyer’s broker, and scheduling time for repairs and inspection.

Closing and Possession – Checking paperwork, warranties, cost overruns, and penalties for delays.

Why Marion Zygadlo Is The Right Agent To Help You Build Your New Home

The process of building a new home can also be time consuming and can be very stressful for many reasons. In a recent survey, about 80% of the people choosing to build a home said that it was an "extremely stressful and unpleasant experience." Some of the reasons they cited were unfamiliarity with building contracts, negotiating and communicating techniques, cost of materials and construction supervision.

Marion Zygadlo can help alleviate these problems. He will serve as your advocate and watch dog. Marion's role is to present you with the best options available and to help you get that for which you are paying. Having Marion represent you will help you avoid cost overruns and complete your home on schedule with the least amount of inconvenience.

Marion has experience in home design and construction supervision – something that most real estate agents do not have. He had designed over 40 homes, and with over twenty years experience as a real estate agent, Marion can oversee every aspect of your home-building process. He had also written a book called “Homebuyer’s Workbook for New Construction”, available upon request.

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